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have you the gift of the gab…

… and time on your hands?

As we perhaps have not.

Look at our website?

It wants feeding.


DSI could use a media savy individual to report on what’s going on around here, to take photos, keep our posting up to date and create florid tales of cooperative creativity.


Why not get involved in a growing creative business?

Perks and benefits apply.


We don’t sell coffee yet but barista talents advantageous.



Must use a smart phone.


And Love Bands




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“Cop Car Pile Up” smash it at DSI

A couple of weeks ago Cop Car Pile Up (probably the best name for a band ever:)) came to do their 7 track EP Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, showcasing their unique blend of anarcho skarap punk! Another good job dun for DSI and the boyZ.

You can check their tracks on our Soundcloud page here – . Or visit




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Greed Force will gouge your eyes!


Greed force were in the studio for one and a half days late 2012 to record the vile & vicious hatred that makes up the “7 inches of Disappointment EP”. “I Decide” is the opening track.


Catch them :

2 March at 15:00
3 March at 17:00
The Bird’s Nest, Deptford, London

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Something from the archives…

Here’s a bit of Audio Parasite for ya. This was made back in 2005 when I was in South America. I made this one on my cousin Vito’s desktop in Montevideo, with a quack happy of Explanation V3 from a chap in the market. And cool edit pro of course. It was one of a few dissident ‘sound it outs’, electronic music inspired by the Sao Paulo Mush Up scene, and Susi in Transe in particular. ‘Bathtub’ is from the album ‘Mais Satan Que Samba’, and was remade the following year by the Finnish band Havoc Unit for their song ‘Kill All Nations’… also on this soundcloud!


Audio Parasite – “Bathtub”




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