About The Dissident Sound Industry

The Dissident Sound Industry is a studio cooperative based in Tottenham, Haringey offering recording, rehearsal facilities and a range of other music-related services. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible quality at extremely competitive prices. Our opening times depend on whether we have clients in at a particular time but studio time can usually be reserved from midday to midnight, seven days a week (earlier or later times may be possible by arrangement). While we are normally able to cover any request for time slots, it may occasionally be impossible for us to provide cover during weekdays before 6pm – however usually these will be OK, so please contact us to ask!

Dissident: We approach things in a different way; creativity over profit, our studio is staffed by volunteers and operated by it’s members. Sound: what we make. Industry: what we are.

We began as a production company in 2002, but since the summer of 2011 we have established ourselves as a studio in it’s own premises, continuously recording, expanding and supporting artists, both locally and beyond.

We now operate two large live/rehearsal rooms and a fully equipt control room with vocal booth. Our collection of analog and digital outboard is constantly growing, adding to and refining that DSI sound.

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