Studio Improvements & New Production Space

Some more news about the improvements made to the studio!

Rehearsal Room 1 has now received additional acoustic treatments with the installation of baffles to cover the ceiling void. We plan to do the same in room 2 shortly.

Both rooms now have double doors to keep in the sound. The external windows will also be fixed very soon.

We have improved our storage capacity with a range of additional shelving throughout the premises.

Most excitingly of all, we have turned one of the storage rooms into a plush new production space. Facilities include a solid desk and plush producers chair, Adam A5 active monitor speakers, hdmi monitor, saffire pro 14 soundcard, a mackie desk, internet access and comfortable bench seating for collaborative working. We expect there to be some downtime when the space could be hired by external producers, so if you want to mix your tunes at high volume at all hours and you’re sick of complaints from your neighbours, other half or flatmates, give us a shout! Hire by the hour @£6, or pre-pay for a chunk of time for a heftily discounted rate. Don’t hang about though, we are already getting enquiries and the room calendar is filling up quickly!


prod space 2

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