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Noise Complaint – “Shit Happens” DSI Live session video on Youtube


The second video from our DSI Live session has landed! “Shit Happens” was performed live in #DSIROOM2 last November, that’s right, Live, and DSI have done their sickest to produce a splatterfest worthy of the Noise Complaint assault.

Pregnant women beware! Not for the weak-wombed!

Stay tuned for the imminent release of the Noise Complaint full length, featuring the studio version of Shit Happens and ten other numbers.

Still to come from the DSI live video session, Flowers of Flesh and Blood and Cythraul. Bands/Artists. . . get your videos here!

Edited and mixed by: Matt Dsi
Engineered by Hovdler Schmitt
Directed by: Wagner Antunes
Camera: Tatu Mantovani, Csaba Arvai, Bruna Mush, Luiz.

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