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AVAILABLE NOW – Pan Nation Steel Orchestra – Live at the TTP Easter Street Party

The PAN NATION Steel orchestra played a blinding set of classic and cheeky covers at the Easter Street Party

Watch the promotional video for track 3, “Hold Yuh” by Gyptian

We were so lucky to be able to book this awesome steel pan squad. They lined us up and blew us away; many musicians, all working tight together, creating a sweet ol funky whole. We have worked to capture some of that magic with this video. We hope you enjoy it!

From the TTP Easter Street Party, DSI Stage, T-Chances, 21-04-2014

Pan Nation Steel Orchestra
Play “Hold Yuh” by Gyptian

To get a FREE recording of the first track from their set, “Differentology” by Bunji Garlin, just follow this link, register with fraxion payments, our websites new cash register, and you will get 20 free fraxions, the same cost in fraxions as the track.

FREE DOWNLOAD Pan Nation Live #01- Differentology. Bunji Garlin

BUY Pan Nation Live #02- Caution. Alison Hines

BUY Pan Nation Live #03- Hold Yuh. Gyptian

BUY Pan Nation Live #04- Ain’t Nobody. Chaka Khan

BUY Pan Nation Live #05- Pump Me Up. Krosfyah

BUY Pan Nation Live #06- Liquidator. Harry J All Stars

BUY Pan NAtion #07- Roll It Gyal. Alison Hines

Note: iPhones and iPads do not allow mp3 downloads through a browser (which is a pity). So download it onto a pc or mac, and then copy onto your iDevice.

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1st Video from the Tottenham Easter Street Party is up! Unity Radio’s Nicholas sings “Smilin”

First video from the DSI stage at T-Chances for the TTP Easter Street Party, Monday 21st April 2014 –

This is Nicholas from Unity Radio singing his original song “Smilin” at 13:15 on the big day.

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Check out Unity radio to hear more from Nicholas and the crew over there.

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