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Backline Hire

Backline / Equipment Hire:

We Hire Gear!

Whether you are a band or promoter needing a backup guitar cab or in need of the whole shebang of PA, full backline and engineer, DSI can sort you out! Our rigs are of good quality and easily capable of filling a pub or medium sized hall and we are happy to provide quotes for any event or gigs of any style of music up to that size in the London area. All the equipment listed in our rehearsal page’s gear list is available to hire and we also have additional PA’s, drumkits and backline equipment.

Single items or small hire:

These are normally hired to clients for any duration of time; payment is required upfront and we also will need a deposit which will be returned in full when the item / items are returned to us in full working order. Example prices: we would hire a 100W Trace Elliott bass cab, or a full-size Yamaha keyboard for one to two nights for £20 plus an £80 deposit. Some equipment is not available for hire without a DSI live engineer being present such as guitar or bass heads or full PA’s.

Backline hire:

We can provide a range of backline hire packages; most of these are supplied with a DSI live engineer as part of the package. Although the engineer will add cost, using the engineer reduces the deposit required. Example prices: two guitar cabs, one bass cab, full drumkit less breakables for one to two nights (no engineer) would cost £80 plus a £320 deposit. The same items for one night plus all heads, stage PA, monitor PA and engineer, including transport to and from the gig would cost £400 plus a £300 deposit.

Contact us to discuss your exact requirements.