amp hire

Valve amps available on request!

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Evenings, 6pm – 11pm: £40

Weekdays before 6pm: 1st hour £10, £5 per hour thereafter.
Special weekday offer: 4 hours for £20.

Weekends before 6pm: 1st hour £12, £7 per hour thereafter.


Prices include:
PA with reverb unit and two monitors,
Up to four vocal microphones
Up to three guitar combos (Choice of Marshall, Crate, Piggy or occasional others)
Bass rig (Trace Elliot Head, Ashdown Cab) or Trace Elliot bass combo.
Pearl Fusion 5 piece drum set with up to four stands, without cymbals.

Available Extras:
Cymbal set: £5
Individual cymbal: £2
Valve guitar head and cab (Laney VH100R or Peavy 5150): £10
Pedals, instruments, keyboards: Subject to arrangement.


Short sessions of up to four hours length: £15 per hour
Discounts on longer sessions.

If you wish to record a collection of tracks for an album or similar then we will discuss the project with you and estimate a price for the whole project to completion, rather than charging by hour.

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