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Next DSI Live recording video landing soon: Noise Complaint – Shit Happens!

The next video from our DSI live recording session will be launched on our You Tube channel very soon

Noise Complaint came in to record “Shit Happens”, from their upcoming 10″, live in #DSIROOM2

Check out some stills from the video . . . It’s not for the faint hearted grandma . . .

Action-shot-all  Mega-Splat  Swirligig  Bass-Splat

Stay tuned for the video’s release and for more info on how to get hold of Noise Complaint’s new album “BDSM – Are you offended yet?” Recorded mixed and mastered at DSI, where else?



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First video from DSI Live Session Up! ALTA CRUZ – “Naked”

Alta Cruz performing the song ‘Naked’ from their forthcoming 12″ “Human Concrete” at the DSI Live video session, November 2013.

Cameras: Tatu Mantovani, Bruna Mush, Luiz
Sound: DSI

3 Cameras, 3 Takes, 16 tracks of sound

Alta Cruz are on tour in Brazil December 2013


Human Concrete will be released on DSI Records March 2014

The Dissident Sound Industry now offer this service to any bands / artists wanting to shoot a video, with or without a live recording. MSG us here!

Stay Tuned for 3 more bands from this session: CYTHRAUL (Death Metal Mastery), NOISE COMPLAINT (Perverted Thrash Punk), FLOWERS OF FLESH and BLOOD (Anarcho Hardcore).


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First DSI Video session at Morrison Yard !

We’re making videos now!

Our first proper video session at Morrison Yard got rolling last weekend, capturing live multitrack audio, multi camera video and the raw talent of the bands CYTHRAUL, ALTA CRUZ, NOISE COMPLAINT and FLOWERS of FLESH & BLOOD. Watch this space for DSI videos, launching soon!

Thanks to all the crew for the day, Tatru, Bruna, Csaba and Luiz. We’re gonna have a great time editing this footage!

Screen-Shot-2013-11-16-at-13.40 Screen-Shot-2013-11-16-at-13.44 Screen-Shot-2013-11-16-at-13.45 Screen-Shot-2013-11-16-at-13.51


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