Gear List

All gear availability subject to repair status…

Mixing Console: Allen & Heath ZED R16

Outboard Pre-amps: Universal Audio LA-610, Analogue Addicts Ferrograph Five Series, ProSonus Tube Pre,

Outboard Dynamic Processing: SSL Bus Comp clone, Empirical Labs Distressor, 2x DBX 160A, Alesis 3630, Focusrite Compounder, Electrospace Developments Strate Gate

Outboard Effects: Lexicon PCM80, BBE 862 Sonic Maximiser, Zoom RFX 2000, Behringer V-Amp,

Monitoring: Urei 813C, Dynaudio BM6A, Adam A5,

Software: Logic Pro, NI plugins: Vintage Compressors, Transient Master, Premium Tube Series, Reflektor, Massive; Izotope plugins: Ozone 5, RX; Sugarbytes Turnado,

Microphones: Neumann Telefunken KM53, 2x AT4040, 2x Rode NT1000, 2x AKG C1000, 2x LineAudio CM3, AKG D112, 2x Senheiser e604, Senheiser 421, AT Pro25, Electrovoice RE20, 2x Shure SM57, 2x Shure SM57Beta, Audix OM7, Many SM58s!

Guitar Amplifiers: Roland Jazz Chorus 160, Marshall JCM800, Fender Twin, Fender Champ, Laney VH100, Crate Powerblock, ProAmplifiers MSQ75, Marshall MG 250DFX, Marshall Mode 4

Bass Amplifiers: Ashdown EVOII300, Hartke 3000, Marshall Dynamic Bass

Always adding and upgrading! Come and take a look… 0208 365 1999